Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The New Progressive Christianity: Taking Evangelicalism By Storm

From Christian Research Network:

The New Progressive Christianity is Rebranding Old Liberalism and thousands of evangelicals under the spell of the Seeker Sensitive & Purpose Driven movements are being led into the abyss of religious pluralism…

“The progressive Christian Movement started by deconstructing the dominant paradigm of the faith in America, taking apart its patriarchy, litealism and chauvinism. But the last few years, our movement has turned in a positive direction.

We begun to construct a new model of Christianity with deep spiritual, religious pluralism, sound science, good common sense, compassion for the needs of humanity, the inclusion of all people, and respect for the environment”- The Center For Progressive Christianity

“The unity of religious experience can only be founded upon the fact that we are all indwelt by the spirit of the One God. It is this divine spirit in men and women that gives origin to the unselfish urge to love and serve their fellows. Each of us is unique, and therefore we will inevitably have different interpretations of the leadings and urges of this divine spirit of God that lives within our minds and souls. Even though we cannot obtain philosophic and/or theological uniformity, we surely can experience the spiritual unity of divine love that emanates from this indwelling divine spirit of God.”- Interfaith Dialogue at the Jesusonian Gospel

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  1. What ever happened to sin, redemption, repentence, sanctification, Sola Scriptura? What happened to the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Many are going to Hell with this so-called Progressive Christianity. It is a Regressive Christianity.


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