Saturday, September 26, 2009

Marian Apparition Message: Do not to judge who is right or wrong

Miracle on the mountain: ‘My Mother is here’ By June Keithley Castro Philippine Daily Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines—I was there on Sept. 7 when more than 1,000 Marian devotees huddled for hours in the rain, under umbrellas and tarpaulins on a mountain in Batangas.

They were waiting to see if their beloved Mama Mary would appear once again to Canada-based Emma C. de Guzman, who holds healing sessions twice a year in a shrine on Mount Batulao, which pilgrims call their “Mountain of Salvation.”

They didn’t wait in vain.

On the eve of the feast that Catholics celebrate as Mary’s birthday, signs and wonders seemed to indicate that she had indeed appeared for the fifth year in a row to this humble woman who had worked for years as an overseas contract worker.

Mother Mary also wanted them to know that just as rain would wash away grime and make all things new, so would their sacrifices and prayers help destroy evil and even renew the land.

...Mary went on to say that she wanted them to stay simple, and not to judge who is right or wrong...


  1. Was that this September 7th?

  2. Satanic...
    how on earth do they know when Marys birthday is???

  3. Yes, apparition event Sept 7, 2009.

    Sept 8 is the Roman Catholic feast day of Mary's birth.

  4. i do believe in the apparition and i love mama mary.


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