Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Idolatry of Seeking Unity and Inclusiveness

A GIFT FOR OUTLAW PREACHERS VIA JOHN MACARTHUR from Pastor Ken Silva at Apprising Ministries:

There’s a new breed of preachers growing within the postliberal cult of the egregiously ecumenical Emerging Church aka Emergent Church—morphing into Emergence Christianity—who call themselves Outlaw Preachers.

One of their main issues is seeking unity and inclusiveness through their god with the man-shaped hole in its heart, doing so by over-emphasing the grace of the one true and living God of the Bible at the expense of His justice.

But they would do well to pay close attention to what John MacArthur is about to share with us below:

I think that it is so important to know this. In a time like this of tolerance, listen, false teaching will always cry intolerance. It will always say you are being divisive, you are being unloving, you are being ungracious, because it can only survive when it doesn’t get scrutinized. So it cries against any intolerance. It cries against any examination, any scrutiny—just let’s embrace each other; let’s love each other; let’s put all that behind us.

False doctrine cries the loudest about unity. Listen carefully when you hear the cry for unity, because it may be the cover of false doctrine encroaching. If ever we should follow 1 Thessalonians 5, and examine everything carefully, it’s when somebody is crying unity, love, and acceptance. (Online source)

-John MacArthur

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