Friday, August 21, 2009

ELCA Approves Homosexuality With 66.6% Vote

ELCA validates 'chaste' same-sex relationships
by Jeff Strickler
The Minneapolis Star Tribune

One vote. That was the margin Wednesday by which the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America churchwide assembly approved a social statement that, among other things, acknowledges the validity of same-sex relationships that are "chaste, monogamous and lifelong."

The margin was so close that Bishop Mark Hanson, the ELCA leader who presided over the vote, hesitated before announcing the outcome. Rules required the social statement to pass by a two-thirds vote; the final result was 66.67 percent.

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  1. Those voting for homosexuality were very careful to minimize the number of delegates voting in favor so as to reduce the political wrath they would face upon returning from the convention. The close vote shows me two things: (1) The true support among the delegates for homosexuality was much higher than the votes suggest, and (2) many of those voting in favor of homosexuality are cowards who know what is right but don't want to admit it.


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