Sunday, September 21, 2008

Judging a Denomination By It's Cover

Paul Proctor's article on the SBC'S publishing arm, Lifeway, prompted a quick visit through the online book store. Below is a snapshot of what was found...

The emergent heresy of Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Doug Pagett, Dan Kimball and Tony Campolo. The mysticism of Dallas Willard and Richard Foster. Not pictured, but resources abound from the Purpose Driven franchise system as well.

All compliments of Lifeway and The Southern Baptist Convention.

Is the immunity and autonomy extended to SBC churches also extended to Lifeway?


  1. Can't see the pic

  2. Sadly, as you well know the SBC Idol of Autonomy is what they bow before because it's their escape hatch from having to deal with proper doctrine.

  3. Keep getting the word out about Lifeway and emergent materials. I am a board member in our state arm of the SBC, and have been trying for three years to warn folks here in my state, and at the national level. I have been in touch with folks at Lifeway numerous times, with not much success at them taking this seriously. Next, I will be contacting trustees of Lifeway, and will continue until someone addresses this.

    SBC folks need to get informed and start bugging their leadership about this, and everyone who buys items from Lifeway need to be blowing the trumpet their way as well. In the old days, Lifeway was The Sunday School Board, and then, like now, through our books and materials, is how liberalism took hold of our denomination, took hold in our seminaries, got brought to the church, voila. It's happening again, and we're missing it...again. Thanks for your work.


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