Wednesday, March 12, 2008

SBC: Biblical Duty To Stop Climate Change?

The Southern Baptist Convention has formally announced that the denomination has been "too timid" on environmental issues and has a biblical duty to stop global warming. The document "A Southern Baptist Declaration on the Environment and Climate Change", signed by the president of the Southern Baptist Convention , shows a growing urgency about climate change.

It's biblical duty to stop global warming? The SBC has neglected to fulfil it's primary biblical duty of protecting doctrinal purity by eliminating the pollution in the river of truth that is drying up within the banks of SBC today.

The SBC is silent on the contamination of Biblical Truth by:
  • man-centered, self-improvement preaching from SBC pulpits
  • promotion of Roman Catholicism, ecumenism, new age spirituality, pragmatism, and idolatry
  • Purpose Driven, Seeker Sensitive and Emergent methodologies
  • Modeling churches after corporate America

The SBC remains silent on:

The SBC finds more common ground with the world in it's global warming declaration while it ignores it's biblical duty to guard the Truth, protect the flock, equip the saints, provide biblical witness, honor and glorify the God of creation.

Here are just some of the issues that the SBC should be taking a stand.


  1. This is not even the worst of it. This statement came from a 25 year old seminary student who got the idea in Theology class from a prof who said not caring about God's creation is like tearing pages out of the Bible.

    So, how did a 25 year old seminary student get these big names to sign this document? His Daddy is James Merritt, past president of the SBC and celebrated pastor of a big church in Georgia. Rank hath it's priviledges.

    There is always the real story behind the story.


  2. Only some observations from a former Baptist:

    - It appears that none of the SBC guys who signed up to this recent climate direction...have an understanding of what they signed...what carbon is about...or a clear definition of global warming or climate change.

    - The overall game at hand...appears to me to be an attempt to break up the SBC...with the simple-minded folks taking up the climate change hype and dumping on the upper-income SBC members who have SUVs and big houses. There will be a exit starting this year with upper income members complaining of peer pressure to get rid of their rich ways. The SBC will complain by summer of next year of declining numbers and declining revenue.

    - Finally....I kept wondering what divinity school ever taught any of these SBC members about science, carbon or climate control. The answer...none. None of these guys are qualified to talk or chat on this topic...and so they are totally unqualified to stand up and change church doctrine on this subject.

    Bottom line...divinity graduates ought to preach on what they know...the Bible and morals...and not climate change.


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