Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Church On The Rise: Why I Am Not A Purpose Driven Pastor

Church On The Rise: 'Why I Am NOT A Purpose Driven Pastor'
Testimony From Pastor-Author DeBruyn --

It is my conviction that the evangelical movement is being leavened by the following factors:

1) By Pharisaical hypocricy (Note the prominent pastors whose immoral and behavior contradicted their public profession)

2) Sadducean false teaching (Note the unorthodox and unbiblical teachings that are promoted through various media, parachurch ministries, and conferences)

3) Herodian scheming (Note the pragmatism in which the goal of 'church growth' justifies any means to achieve it)

4) Mystical experiences which cater continuously to the fleshly impulses of Christians who confuse their emotional catharsis with worship"

Pastor Larry DeBruyn, Franklin Road Baptist Church, has had many opportunities to take his church into the "Purpose Driven" fold, but has resisted mightily on solid Biblical grounds

Listen to the Crosstalk interview featuring Larry DeBruyn, Senior Pastor of Franklin Road Baptist Church of Indianapolis, Indiana:

On this program you will hear discussion about ministry becoming industry, how human knowledge is in conflict with God's Word, the doctrinal vacuum of evangelicalism that's pointing back to medieval mysticism, and more.

"Purpose Driven" author Rick Warren has disseminated teachings that need to come under biblical scrutiny. As pastors are placed in a position of serious responsibility, it is critical that they protect their flocks by evaluating Warren's teachings in light of God's Word.

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