Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Rick Warren: Fundamentalist Christians Don't Listen

Listen to Southern Baptist Pastor Rick Warren describe Fundamentalist Christians as "those that stopped listening....it is an attitude that doesn't want to listen to anybody else." Listen carefully as the Inerrant Word of God is skillfully mocked as Rick Warren chuckles...
Listen to Pastor Rick describe how God "gets enjoyment out of watching you be you..."


  1. AWEFUL. What more can I say??? What a perversion and failure to give an account.

  2. Pathetic...the interesting thing was that for the first time, I felt like Rick Warren wasn't comfortable - he was out of his element, he wasn't running the show, he seemed very nervous. He also seemed very ashamed of the true gospel....because he basically affirmed universalism, that "god" is simply happy with "you being you" and looks down and smiles. This is a doctrine of demons. What a shame, but no surprise at all coming from Rick Warren. His mockery of fundamentalism, but more specifically, the mockery of ANY "fundamentalist" in any religion is over particular concern. He is basically saying that ANYONE that holds solid beliefs that CANNOT be changed is the enemy. In other words, those who hold a foundation that cannot be changed are people who "have stopped listening." This is the spirit of anti-Christ, folks, plain and simple. Warren is exposing himself as a player helping to usher in the world-religion, a religion that can only conceive once fundamentalism of all stripes is out of the picture. This man hates solid truth. The real shame is that people will still not see him for who he is and continue to defend him as a true representative of our Lord and Savior. What a mockery.

  3. For a long time now I have thought that us "fundamentalists"
    (translation: anyone who opposes RW and several others..)will be first against the wall when Rick et al REALLY come to power.

    Nothing in this video convinces me otherwise I'm sad to say.

  4. He didn't say fundamentalists were people who hold solid beliefs. He said they were people who DIDNT LISTEN. There is a difference between not listening and giving up on what you hold to be true.

    Actually listening to someone is taking the time to love them and that doesn't require you to wain on your beliefs. The truth doesn't need to be spoken to be speaking the truth because what you say isn't going to change peoples hearts. Thats up the God and the holy spirit. If God hasn't chosen that person you could speak to them in the most eloquant and graceful depiction of the gospel but it doesn't mean a thing. We can't deceive ourselves into thinking we can change peoples hearts.

  5. Anonymous, what is Mr Warrens version of *listening* though?

    Listening to him? embracing what he promotes?

    Presumably he doesn't class himself or those who follow him as non listening fundamentalists?

    I very much doubt you will find him putting himself or those who think as he does in that category.. fundamentalist is always a rather nasty epithet reserved for those who don't *get it* and stick with *dry, dead doctrine/orthodoxy*.

    Yes, anonymous, you are right we should love people, and take the time to listen to them, and it's true that WE cannot change their hearts, God alone can and will do this and it is deception to think otherwise.

    However, the Gospel must still be actually verbally shared (THAT is part of our call in love too), the rest we do leave to the Lord, but we do share, even if it seems to fall on ears that do not want to hear as of yet,for who knows what the Lord will do with that in the time to come?

    One thing is certain, He can do nothing with a Gospel that is never spoken.

  6. Hmm. Something is up. I can't view the video on your site so i went to Comedy Network, and I still could not view it. I wonder if somebody has been busy messing it up so others can't see it? Stranger things have happened.

  7. One difference that I noticed... Rick Warren does indeed say once, that God gets enjoyment out of watching you be you.

    However, twice, he said that "God gets enjoyment out of watching you be who he made you to be".

    I'm not a Rick Warren fan by any means. But there's a huge difference in those 2 statements.

  8. "you're basing this on biblical truth right?"

    Well THEN!

    OY. Kind of like those fictional movies that are 'based on true events' - and that's being GENEROUS.

    See he defined Fundamentalist a year or so ago (and told everyone fundamentalists are one of the big enemies of the 21st century) as someone who believes in the five fundamentals.

    Rick Warren Predicts
    Christian Fundamentalism
    To Be Enemy of 21st Century!

    BOY he sure is fast and loose with definitions. Funny how many people don't notice and think he is just wonderful.

    HE made his kids?

  9. www.whyihatejesus.blogspot.com/

  10. He is right on! Fundamentalists do not want to hear anything that might open their minds.

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