Monday, June 11, 2007

The Falling Away Of the Evangelical Church

As a watchman on the wall, Pastor Ken Silva trumpets the alarm of the rising flood of deception...

"...anyone who loves Jesus and His Church, and has any amount of discernment can't help but see the drift into a new “Downgrade.” Who could possibly deny that large sections of the the evangelical church here in postmodern America have lost much of that fear of God right before our very eyes! Truly we are witnessing a “falling away” that is taking place in our midst as this apostasy grows."

"Case in point is the recent issue of The Quarterly Journal, published by Personal Freedom Outreach (a leading and very much-needed counter-cult/discernment ministry), that devoted virtually the entire publication to discernment issues within the evangelical church itself!"

Editor's note: Fear God? How do hundreds of churches who have signed up to hold hands with Hollywood actually explain the concept of fearing God after promoting Evan Almighty?

How about the 400,000+ churches that have signed up for the self-centered, ecumenical and commercial "God has a wonderful plan for your life and loves you just the way you are" Purpose Driven franchise?

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  1. yeah i see it happening right before our eyes and i'm amazed at how some folks who should know better , sit and listen to it every sunday. family and friends think i've lost my mind when i voice my opion of things i see and hear going on in the church


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