Saturday, December 5, 2015

Storm Desmond brings a red warning for rain over Cumbria and the Scottish Borders

5 December 2015 - Heavy rain on already saturated ground could result in disruption.

Storm Desmond, the fourth named storm of the season, is bringing potentially damaging gusts of wind across northern England in particular at times today (Saturday), while the frontal systems associated with the storm are bringing heavy rain to some parts of northern Britain. 

The heaviest rain is expected on west facing hills and mountains from north Wales northwards and a Red 'take action' warning for rain is now in force for parts of Cumbria and the Scottish Borders. Rainfall totals of 150 to 200 mm are expected in places across Cumbria today, especially over exposed mountains, whilst parts of the Scottish Borders can expect to see in excess of 60mm. In addition significant impacts are likely across a broad area of northern England, western Scotland and Northern Ireland.

An Amber 'be prepared' warning for wind is in place for parts of  the SE of Scotland and NE of England, parts of the Pennines with gusts of 70-80mph likely this afternoon and evening.

The wind and rain are expected to peak this afternoon and evening, however flood impacts will continue though the evening and night as water flows into the river system and out to sea.

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