Saturday, July 11, 2015

Typhoon Chan-hom slams eastern China

Typhoon Chan-hom slams eastern China's Zhoushan city
By Jason Hanna, CNN
Updated 12:09 PM ET, Sat July 11, 2015

Story highlights
Typhoon Chan-hom hit eastern China's island city of Zhoushan on Saturday
More than 1 million evacuated from coastal areas in Zhejiang province, state media say
(CNN)A powerful Typhoon Chan-hom slammed into the Chinese island city of Zhoushan on Saturday afternoon, bringing heavy rain and strong winds in an event that has prompted hundreds of thousands of people to evacuate their homes.

Chan-hom hit Zhoushan -- part of eastern China's densley populated coastal Zhejiang province -- with winds of around 100 mph, the equivalent of a Category 2 hurricane, state-run media outlet Xinhua reported.

No casualties were immediately reported from the storm, which has dropped 4 inches of rain in some areas since Friday, Xinhua said.

Officials in Zhejiang evacuated more than 1 million people from coastal areas, called nearly 30,000 ships in to port and canceled more than 600 flights because of the typhoon, according to Xinhua.

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