Saturday, July 11, 2015

Iranian’s burn U.S. flag, chant “Death to America”

Video: Iranian’s burn U.S. flag, chant “Death to America” (since 1979)

Posted on July 11, 2015 by creeping

Even as nuclear talks get extension, crowds denounce America at Tehran rally – LA Times.

While U.S. and Iranian negotiators gave themselves more time Friday to reach a nuclear deal that could improve the countries’ ties, crowds of Iranians here chanted “Death to America,” just as they have for 36 years.

“Death to America and death to Israel,” the crowd shouted back.

U.S. and Israeli flags were set afire. Posters showing President Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi King Salman were consumed by flames.

All this, yet John Kerry keeps giving the Iranian’s everything they want. Could this be why?

Sec of State John Kerry reveals daughter married Iranian-American with extensive ties to Iran

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