Tuesday, January 20, 2015

U.S. Dollar Falling as Global Reserve Currency

The struggle is big. Western Media playing it down. But, the U S Pentagon now preparing for MASS Civil breakdown. U S, Europe and Saudi Arabia in an all out war with Russia China and Brazil for the dominant role in the New World Order. While we hare hearing that the Russian Ruble is nearing collapse, we are not hearing how Russia and China are pushing back to collapse the U S dollar. The question is only who will collapse first. While the U S is many trillions in debt, Russia has a surplus and can ride out about two years. Many are convinced the U S cannot last that long. It is even more certain that Europe will collapse before that. The only hope for the U S and Erope then is WW3. This will be the only way out. It is almost certain the New Puppet president will be the President who presides over the dissolution of the U S of America.

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