Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood Wiping Out Egyptian Christians

Coptic Christians Reach Out to Hillary Clinton - American Thinker

Coptic Christians living in the United States have sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pleading for her to take more action to save their brethren in Egypt, as Egyptian Coptic Christians face increasing persecution and annihilation by the Egyptian army under the aegis of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Termed "a crime against humanity" the ongoing killings and arrests by the Egyptian Military Counsel are highlighted in a letter written by Monir A. Dawoud, President of the American Coptic Association. He reflects that on October 9, 2011, right after Clinton "expressed satisfaction with the performance of the Egyptian Military counsel, live ammunition was fired upon unarmed demonstrating Christians. More than 40 Christians were killed and more than 350 were seriously injured.

Dawoud expresses dismay with the American "official state declaration welcoming radicals" such as the Muslim Brotherhood. Dawoud writes that "[a]llowing [the] Muslim Brotherhood Group to control Egypt will definitely lead to the ultimate destruction of freedom and democracy not only in Egypt but all over the Arab countries and will spread to the rest of the world!"

Learn more about the Islamist stealth jihad being waged in America by the Muslim Brotherhood.

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