Wednesday, June 2, 2010

World Religions Summit 2010

Religious Leaders Summit – Interfaith Leaders in the G8 Nations

In June, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that from June 21st to the 23rd 2010, the G8 Summit would gather in Hunstville, Ontario. Days prior to the Summit, up to a hundred global religious leaders from diverse faiths including Christianity, Judaism, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Islam, Indigenous Spirituality and Shinto traditions will gather for the 5th G8 Religious Leaders Summit in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The event is being organized by the 2010 Interfaith Partnership, and will bring together leaders from the G8 countries (France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States) and Africa. The Religious Leaders Summit was organized to compliment the G8 political leaders Summit.

The G8 Religious Leaders Summit began as an idea from Jim Wallis with a virtual meeting in Scotland in 2005. The first actual meeting took place in Russia in 2006, followed by Germany in 2007, Japan in 2008, and Italy in 2009. Since 1975, political leaders from the G8 countries have met annually to discuss the world’s toughest issues. 2010 will mark the fifth G8 Summit hosted by Canada since the country joined the international organization in 1976.

Editor's note: The RLS focuses on social justice and the achievement of The UN Millenium Development Goals by 2015.

See how Rick Warren's Global Peace Plan lines up with the UN Millenium Development Goals.

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