Monday, December 7, 2009

Rick Warren: Your God Is Ok, My God Is Ok, Let's Party

Rick Warren continues his interfaith / pluralism mantra just in time for his new book, The Purpose of Christmas on Fox & Friends...

(click on image for video)

Rick describes how he celebrates his friends’ high holy days of Judaism and Islam, and how those same friends celebrate Christmas at Rick’s house.

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  1. Either Rick Warren is an out and out heretic, or he has marred the gospel in an Arminianesque attempt to reach people. (I am Arminian) It has come to the place where the good will fog has shrouded any genuine presentation of the gospel. This style of gospel reminds me of an 8th grade science festival where everyone brings their project and everyone can walk around and look at all the great and imaginative science projects.

    All the projects have equal weight and none of them change anyone, and after the fair all the parents meet at the local Denny's.

  2. BTW - Christmas has become some kind of religious talisman that is more aggressively defended than is the gospel itself.

  3. This is nothing more than an opportunity to sell another book, for goodness sake. How sickening.

    The ungodly man listening to this will feel more comfortable than ever that "pluralism" is acceptable. "It's all about discovery, acceptance, tolerance... Can't we all just get along?"

    It's really a travesty. But let a man preach the truth of the gospel and see how far he gets - that there is salvation in none other than the Lord Christ Jesus.

  4. Rick Warren is a false teacher and a disgrace. The pluralism he preaches is the polar opposite of the gospel. His philosophy is nothing more than the spirit of this new age, the "global religion" that allows all to be equal and accepted. It is the spirit of antichrist and no Christian should follow this man.

  5. Christmas was a pagan festival to begin with. The Roman church started it and renamed it in an effort to be "inclusive" of all the pagan celebrations and used the birth of Christ as an excuse. Jesus was NOT born in December! So Rick Warren fits right in. Jesus id NOT the reason for the season! Give it back to the pagans. No protestant should be following Rick Warren or celebrating christmas.


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