Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wake up, Purpose Driven Evangelicals!

Wake up, Evangelicals! by Karen Pansler-Lam, J.D. at Liberty Advocate

Rick Warren’s purpose-driven mission is to replace the true Gospel
with the gospel of reconciliation - religious humanism,
or secular humanism.

Rick Warren is America’s most dangerous religious leader. Warren - the Pied Piper of Christianity - is charming Evangelicals with his delightful tune of world peace and lulling us into a deep sleep of destruction.

...Warren’s gospel of reconciliation has replaced the true Gospel of salvation. Simply put, according to Warren, reconciliation - not salvation - will bring peace to the world.

Warren is not concerned about building the kingdom of God; Warren is concerned about building a global community: a one-world government and a one-world religion – religious humanism. He ignorantly believes that his PEACE strategy will bring peace on earth.

...Rick Warren is joining hand in hand with humanists to build a global community with a one-world religion – religious humanism, or secular humanism. Don’t be deceived! His PEACE plan is just a humanist manifesto disguised as Christianity.

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  1. Yes, weird stuff going on with Rick Warren. I haven't seen any reporting on it yet, but there's a bit of a Wikipedia War going on behind the scenes regarding the Rick Warren page. His associate Mark Carver, and another employee who goes by the username Manutdglory, apparently tried to whitewash Warren's biography on Wikipedia to make him look more politically correct regarding homosexuals. Both were banned by Wikipedia, but other Warren spinmeisters have taken up the fight. Have a look at: or if that URL is too long try this link:


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