Saturday, November 8, 2008

No Response From Immanuel Baptist Church Or Virginia Baptist Mission Board Regarding Campolo Visit

Immanuel Baptist Church of Colonial Heights, Virginia has earned quite a reputation for ignoring the biblical concerns expressed by various members in the past.

Even though the former CEO-style pastor, Jerry Parker left last year, his replacement, David Prather carries on the IBC style of patronizing and ignoring individuals who have concerns over doctrinal issues. In February, 2008 Prather quickly called a concerned church member "dogmatic and divisive" after evidence was presented to him regarding the unbiblical nature of the Purpose Driven program.

Assistant Pastor Fred Atkins expressed with great pride that he didn't read a lick of information of what was presented to him by a concerned church member regarding the purpose driven program that was rolled out under Parker.

Well, somethings never change. David Prather favorably quoted Tony Campolo last year for the pulpit. Recently, Prather and Atkins were asked to provide a comment regarding Campolo's visit to the Virginia Baptist Mission Board & Baptist General Association of Virginia Annual Meeting, November 11 & 12, 2008.

No response from either pastor.

Both were asked how long has Immanuel Baptist Church been apart of the BGAV.

No response from either pastor.

The Virginia Baptist Mission Board was sent several emails of concern regarding the error of Tony Campolo's theology.

No response.

Are these leaders so arrogant or too afraid to go on the record regarding their position on Campolo?

Could it be they don't want the congregation to know that they remain silent on Campolo's pro - abortion, pro-gay rights, mystical theology?

Are Biblical pastors not obligated to warn their congregations of the wolves in sheeps' clothing?

Oh, if we would only let the Scriptures be our authority in these turbulent times.

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  1. I find it quite sad that no one at that Church has offered to defend their position --- not even here --- I suppose there is no defense from the truth --- especially with such lukewarm leadership.


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