Friday, November 14, 2008

It's High Time Europe Realize The Importance of Mysticism

In this news piece, Mysticism, spirtualism form the edifice of religion, Anil Datta reports on the book launch of, “Journey to God: Sufis and Dervishes in Islam”, by Dr Jurgen Wasim Frembgen, at the Goethe-Institut, Karachi.

Here's some interesting points raised in the article:

Dr Jurgen Wasim Frembgen said that the Sufis had made a massive contribution to Islam and their message of love, brotherhood, and universalism transcended the earthly barriers of caste, colour, and creed.

A Dervish, he said, was one who fluently communed with The Almighty and was his ambassador to mankind interpreting his will and his plan for His Creation. Mysticism, he said, was the essence of religion.

Dr Marcus Litz, Director, Goethe-Institut, said that it was high time people realised the importance of mysticism in Europe. This, he said, could also facilitate an East-West dialogue and could be a bridge between Islam and Christianity

Looks like Tony Campolo isn't the only influencer who believes that world peace can be achieved by the emptying the mind in order to be yoked with the universal consciousness.

See more on the mystical and emergent Tony Campolo here.

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  1. Yeah, and I just keep thinking of Revelation 9, after all this judgement falls on Christ rejecting mankind and they would not repent of their drugs and withcraft. I think this and the mother goddess earth, animal and human creation worship plus the medatating is what that verse is acknowledging those practices that will be mainstream and natural as could be. It also says in Revelation 17, I believe that the eartha and the peoples of the earth have become a place of possessed ones. Maybe that is in the next chapter over, #18 actually. My goodness, what fools. You try as you might to warn them, but they ignore you and run to their destruction. A book of interest that i think is wonderful in expounding on these issues that are interwine is by WArren Smith a former New Ager who finally repented. He was the 2008 speaker for Calvary Chapel churches and spoke before 800 pastors about the dangers our New Age and the Emergent church spilling into the church like crazy, all to the ignorance of most, who ought to know better. Anyhow, the free online read is a ( Jesus does not change and yet the masses seek to reinvent him- it will be the false wicked one who will be mistaken for our Lord by these foolish people. UGH!


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