Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Test Drive Your Faith

The bookstores and the media are filled with images of the Christian life...how God has a wonderful plan for your life, how to have your best life now and how to reposition yourself for full prosperity and real success regardless of title or status.

Well, here's a book that will give your understanding of successful faith a reality check. Laughter Calls Me details a young woman's life from her hitchhiking days to being abandoned with four small children. Struggling as a single mother, her life is shattered when she discovers that her children have been scorched by the lust of men involved in child pornography.

The author shares how God gently drew her to salvation during the choices of her youth. The story reveals how He demonstrated His love and mercy through this horrific experience. Laughter Calls Me describes the reality of God's sovereignty, the gift of His salvation and the newness of life in Christ for those who trust and obey Him regardless of your past or your present.

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  1. I have read this book and recommend it highly. It is one of only three books in my life that I have read practically non-stop from cover to cover. Ms. Brown's story is compelling. Readers won't be able to let it go, wondering what will happen to this young woman and her children. This book proclaims God's faithfulness to his children. No matter what we encounter God is there to help and protect.


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