Sunday, April 9, 2017

U.S. Navy strike group to move toward Koreas

Sun Apr 9, 2017 | 1:28 PM EDT

U.S. Navy strike group to move toward Korean peninsula: U.S. official

8h ago | 01:30

U.S. Navy strike group will move toward Korea -source


By Idrees Ali | WASHINGTON

A U.S. Navy strike group will be moving toward the western Pacific Ocean near the Korean peninsula as a show of force, a U.S. official told Reuters on Saturday, as concerns grow about North Korea's advancing weapons program.

Earlier this month North Korea tested a liquid-fueled Scud missile which only traveled a fraction of its range.

The strike group, called Carl Vinson, includes an aircraft carrier and will make its way from Singapore toward the Korean peninsula, according to the official, who was not authorized to speak to the media and requested anonymity.

"We feel the increased presence is necessary," the official said, citing North Korea's worrisome behavior.

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