Monday, June 2, 2014

Pope Ignores Violent Islamic Fundamentalism

Candidly Speaking: The pope’s visit to the region and the president’s last hurrah

...He certainly provided the Palestinians with a propaganda boost by being photographed kissing and praying at the security fence daubed with obscene graffiti including Holocaust inversion (“Bethlehem looks like Warsaw”) and calls to “Free Palestine.” His Vatican aides should have informed him that the security fence was erected only in order to save Israelis from the murderous suicide bombings and terrorism that were taking a horrendous toll in innocent lives.

He also embraced the mufti of Jerusalem, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, who is a raving anti-Semite, considers Jews to be the enemies of Allah, justifies suicide bombings and repeatedly accuses Israel of planning to demolish the Aksa mosque.

In Bethlehem, Pope Francis met Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, referring to him as “a man of peace,” yet made no comment when the Latin Patriarch, Fuad Twal, likened the Israelis to King Herod.

...While Pope Francis would certainly not qualify as a candidate for the Zionist national camp, Vatican policies toward Israel must be viewed in the context of a deeply flawed grand strategy.

The Vatican refuses to accept the fact that fundamentalist Islam represents a global threat to Western civilization – especially Christianity – and that appeasing the barbarians at their gates will be no less disastrous than the Church’s sickening efforts to appease the Nazis.

Ironically, Pope Benedict XVI had initially attempted to redress this by incorporating a quotation from a 14th-century Orthodox Byzantine emperor alleging that the Prophet Muhammad promoted “things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.” But following the backlash generated by his comments stressing that violence separates faith from reason and that jihad or religiously motivated violence are contrary to God’s will the Vatican quickly retreated and avoided any further public statement which could be perceived as critical of any manifestation of Islam.

Consequently, the Vatican has failed to adequately speak out against the diabolical discrimination, persecution and murder of Christians taking place in virtually all Islamic countries. History will judge the Church harshly for not protesting more vigorously whilst its own people were being so cruelly persecuted. The Vatican continues accepting the argument presented to them by Catholic and other Arab Christian collaborators who maintain that it is preferable to turn a blind eye to the persecution of their brethren rather than protest, which it is claimed would lead to intensified persecution and possible bloodbaths.

The Vatican attitude to Israel must be viewed in this context. If the pope is not going to speak out against the ongoing massacre of Christians in Islamic lands, it is not surprising that he appeases the Palestinians

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