Saturday, February 18, 2012

Military Chaplains Threatened For Preaching Against Sin

Former Navy Chaplain says government threating chaplains with “treason”

A former Navy chaplain who was drummed out of the military for ending his prayers “in Jesus’ name” has said the Obama administration is now attempting to silence chaplains who speak out on doctrinal matters relating to their church’s teachings on abortion and contraception.

Last week the Obama administration told Army chaplains they should not follow the direction of their bishop and read a letter from the Catholic Church declaring their opposition to Obamacare requirements they provide abortion inducing drugs as part of their health care coverage.

The Army said their opposition to reading the letter was a phrase declaring the law to be unjust might incite mutiny and rebellion by Catholic soldiers. Gordon Klingenschmitt, a former Navy Chaplain who was dismissed from the service for refusing orders from commanders to not pray “in Jesus’ name” during public services said it is incredible that chaplains are being told not to obey their church.


  1. this is so sad for america and the people ...

  2. FollowsTheWayFebruary 19, 2012

    This whole obamacare-catholic thing is nothing more than another spirit-of-antichrist attempt to legitimize catholicism as Christian. Which it is not.

    Huckabee's "we are all catholics now" is the same meme.

    These poor, lost catholics need to be evangelized not patronized.


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