Saturday, January 21, 2012

The 2012 Global Shift University

"The likely closing of the decision-window does not mean that a new civilization will then take shape; it only indicates that, if humanity is to survive, a new civilization must take shape. There are no alternatives to using the system-transforming potential of the global emergency to initiate a process of global emergence. The widespread expectation of a major transformation at the end of 2012 is a perfect and unique occasion to begin the process of emergence...

It has been said that our generation is the first in history that can decide whether it’s the last in history. We need to add that our generation is also the first in history that can decide whether it will be the first generation of a new phase in history. A phase that will start at the end of 2012 as the emergence birthed by the global emergency.

We have reached a watershed in our societalevolution. The sciences of systems tell us that when complex open systems, such as living organisms, and also ecologies and societies of organisms, approach a condition of critical instability, they face a moment of truth: they either transform, or break down. Humankind is approaching that moment of truth: a global bifurcation." - Ervin Laszlo

Listen to Laszlo explain how altered states of consciousness through meditation can bring about the global shift of consciousness.

Visit Laszlo's WORLDSHIFT INTERNATIONALWORLDSHIFT 2012, and The Giordano Bruno GlobalShift University..." a humanistic online global institution, committed to create informed and ethical agents of change who will bring a new consciousness, a fresh voice and up-to-date thinking to the international community, transforming obsolete paradigms and empowering the co-creation of an equitable, responsible and sustainable world."

Read The Manifesto on Planetary Consciousness,drafted by Ervin Laszlo and the Dalai Lama.

See Deepak Chopra's video introducing the WorldShift-20 Declaration at the Asia Consciousness Festival.

Watch Barbara Marx Hubbard declare the Global Emergency that leads to the Global Spiritual Emergence.

"...the declaration of global emergency is the birthpangs of a planetary universal species..."

Check out Princeton University's Global Consciousness Project.

See what Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Network has in common with Dr. Ervin Laszlo systems theory here.

Editor's note:  The mass deception is at the door.  Do not be deceived.  Holdfast.

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  1. The book called "Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren, is one that makes you think about your purpose for being here. I have been teaching several young girls from this book. I believe all of us should know that we are not an accident and that we were created by God for a purpose. God has created everything and everyone with a purpose in mind.


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