Monday, August 28, 2017

National Weather Service Issues Ultra-Rare Warning to Houston


National Weather Service Issues Ultra-Rare Warning to Houston Over Flooding

ON AUGUST 28, 2017 AT 5:05AM


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Five people have been reported dead amid catastrophic flooding in Texas due to ex-Hurricane Harvey, and its downgrade into a tropical storm isn’t expected to help matters much.

Due to forecasts indicating the storm will stay stationary over southeastern Texas, many areas will receive up to 50 inches of rain — and that state of affairs prompted the National Weather Service to issue an ultra-rare, chilling warning to Houston and the surrounding areas.

“This event is unprecedented & all impacts are unknown & beyond anything experienced,” the National Weather Service posted to its Twitter account early Sunday. “Follow orders from officials to ensure safety.”

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As the day wore on, statements from the Weather Service on its website got even more dire.

“The forward motion with Harvey has stalled. Due to this slow motion, another 15 to 25 inches of rainfall is expected through Thursday. Storm totals in some locations may approach 50 inches,” a message at the top of the Weather Service’s homepage read. “This is producing devastating flooding. Numerous Flash Flood Warnings are in effect.”

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