Wednesday, July 1, 2015


KILLER HEATWAVE: Millions swelter in HOTTEST July 1 EVER as 97F scorcher claims first life

BRITONS up and down the country are set to bake in record-breaking scorcher today as a heatwave - the hottest since records began - hits.

The above heat map shows the soaring temperatures over the next few days

Britons have been warned to stay out of the sun and keep hydrated.

Temperatures have already hit 34.4C at Northolt in West London and is expected to hit 36V.

Experts have warned young children, the elderly and those with serious illnesses are at particular risk amid fears the hot weather could lead to people to be rushed to hospital.

The heatwave has already claimed it's first life this morning as a father died while rushing to save his little girl as she was swimming in a river.

Wimbledon is also braced for the hot weather and has forced officials to reduce capacity to allow fans to cope with the temperatures and paramedics to get to emergencies where necessary.

Emergency services were on standby this morning to treat those suffering from dehydration.

As Britain bakes we will bring you the latest live updates, news on how long the heatwave is expected to last and how to stay safe in the hot weather.

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