Monday, April 28, 2014

Rick Warren's Romance with Rome: "I am nothing but impressed by this new pope"

Rick Warren: "I am nothing but impressed with this new pope"

Pope Francis’ actions as he has eased into the papacy have made headlines and drawn accolades from world leaders; Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren joins those applauding the Bishop of Rome.
“I am nothing but impressed by this new pope,” the bestselling author tells Piers Morgan in tonight's primetime interview. “This is a man who's spent his life working with the poor.”
Joining "Piers Morgan Live" for an hour-long conversation, Warren explains the ways in which he feels Pope Francis embodies three important attributes that define and drive leadership: humility, integrity and generosity.
“In the first month of his leadership, he has shown those symbolically what he has done for a lifetime,” says Warren, citing Francis’ work with people afflicted with HIV and AIDS.
In hand with his outreach to the impoverished and sick, Warren also praises the Pope’s efforts to refocus the Church:
“I love the fact that before he starts talking about businessmen being greedy, he talks about bishops being greedy,” says Warren, author of a new weight loss and self-help book, The Daniel Plan. "Before he starts talking about the low morals in the world, he talks about the low morals in the church.”

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