Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Muslim Terrorists Attack Midnight Mass

Muslim Terrorists Attack Midnight Mass, Kill Pastor, Set Church on Fire


The Boko Haram gunmen burst in at 2 AM through a back door, opening fire on the worshipers killing five, including the pastor, and injuring a number of others.Then they set fire to the church along with the houses of Christians living in the area.

“It is highly disturbing and very barbaric. It is archaic,” Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, said, “It is totally against God and anything that has to do with Him. You wonder how people will go to this extent in the name of God. “Let us not continue to deny that there are jihadists, extremists and Islamists in this country. They are here. Let us agree that it is time for us to take certain steps to bring this madness to an end.”

2012 has been the bloodiest year for Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria with over 750 deaths in the Islamic group’s campaign of ethnic cleansing in the north. That wave of violence, mostly ignored by Obama, has left Nigerian Christians feeling insecure in their own country.

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