Monday, January 24, 2011

The Coming Great Deception!

Commentary & Analysis by L. A. Marzulli

The Great Deception is coming. Bet on it. I’ don’t know when it will hit like a firestorm, but when it does it will cause the great falling away, the apostasia - apostasy – that we are warned will come in the last days.

Over the weekend the astronomer to the Pope announced that, he would love to baptize ET. Here’s the link to the article:

The Great Deception is coming and it links up with the unlikely bedfellows of Darwinism and the Vatican. You see ET is the missing link for Darwinism as it solves where life originated from! According to Monsiegnior Funes, a Vatican spokesperson who went on the record last year saying, ET should be regarded as our brother. Now the Pope’s chief astronomer tells us that ET would have a soul and that if asked he would baptize one.

The Great Deception is on it way as last night the pilot for the TV show, The Event aired on NBC. I believe this show deals with ET and how the government has covered up their existence for decades. According to what I’ve read about the show. a new president wants to reveal to the public that ET is real. Of course the bad guys in the government want to keep everything under wraps and this results in a struggle.

At the end of the pilot, a plane, which is on a suicide mission and about to crash into the Presidents motorcade, suddenly vanishes in thin air! You see ET is here to help! They created us, genetically manipulated early man, created the world’s civilizations and now are back at this critical juncture in human history to usher mankind into a new world order of peace, enlightenment and prosperity!

We are warned by Yashua/Jesus, that even the elect would be deceived if that were possible. I consider this a sobering and dire warning that what is coming is off the hook!

We must realize that the Fallen One has had millenia to construct his program of deception. He knows that his time grows short and yet he believes that he can defeat the Most High God. (I cover this in my upcoming book, The Cosmic Chess Match) He is going to pull out all the stops when he manifests in full. Remember we are warned that,

Men will faint from fear from what is coming on the earth.

That unless those days were shortened no flesh would survive.

Woe to the inhabitants of the earth, because Satan has been cast down and he knows his time is short.

I believe that we are on the doorstep to the last days. There are those who will disagree and that’s fine. I really am not interested in debating it, as it goes nowhere. However, from my perspective, the signs are here. The writing is on the wall, for those who have eyes to see. As I have stated before, is it business as usual or something more? The Great Deception is coming and it will shake many and it will cause many to fall away and believe the lie….

Make sure you check out the link below about the earthquakes.

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