Friday, August 20, 2010

Virgin Mary Appears on BBC TV

This is a segment that appeared on the Wednesday 18th 2010 edition of BBC'S Newsnight programme (Newsnight is a BBC Television current affairs news programme noted for its in-depth analysis). Allan Little heads to the village of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Hercegovina, where many believe the Virgin Mary appears daily...

See also: Visions of the Virgin fuel Croat fervour in Medjugorje , The man who 'sees' Virgin Mary every day

See the very real deception behind the Marian Apparitions here.


  1. How heart breaking to see so many people held captive in fortresses of darkness, dead in trespasses and sin rushing headlong into condemnation and judgment.

  2. Satan transforming himself into the angel of light. He knows what attracts people and he manipulates himself into those things, while God knows what doesn't attract the majority and therefore only a few follow His righteous narrow path.

  3. Oh my. Do you guys know the official stance of the roman church on the matter?

    According to the Bishop of Bosnia himself there is nothing supernatural happening there. Its all sensationalism. Get the Facts.

    Satan uses dissent and heresy to darken the minds of humanity. And HERE is abundant proof.


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