Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Virginia Baptists (BGAV) Host Anglican Emergents At Church Growth Conference

The Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) is holding it's annual church growth conference, 21-C : Leading Today's Church Transition Into Tomorrow January 29-30, 2010.

Speakers include:

Bob & Mary Hopkins- "...they have been exploring engagement with the emerging generation and all sorts of sub-cultures, particularly developing mid-size clusters and new forms of missional community. For 17 years they have lead Anglican Church Planting Initiatives. And for the last 4 years have been part of the Archbishops’ Fresh Expressions team ( aka emerging church movement )." The UK's Anglican Church "Fresh Expressions" church growth movement promotes monasticism, and the Sacramental & Contemplative.

Virginia's own Phil Faig- "...Phil also has a passion for seeing new expressions of the church started throughout our region and is involved in an exciting new initiative with the Virginia Baptist Mission Board to launch a movement that has a goal of starting 300 new expressions of the church over the next seven years."

Michael Breen - An American representative from The Leadership Network that promotes the deconstruction of Scripture and absolute truth in favor of inclusiveness and interfaith unity all in the name of church growth and social justice.

Steve Cockram - "...Since 2005 Steve has worked extensively with Mike Breen and the international 3 Dimension Ministries team, discipling and coaching senior pastors, chief executives and emerging leaders to help them lead their teams more effectively."

Anne Maclaurin - " Anglican Mission Priest and Executive leader of St Thomas’ Church, Philadelphia in Sheffield, UK."

Editor's note: The pope has welcomed Anglicans into the Roman Catholic Church. No doubt, he will welcome Southern Baptists as well. Perhaps the BGAV desires to become the Vatican of the South.

The BGAV's 21-C church growth conference is leading today's churches into tomorrow's apostasy.

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