Friday, November 14, 2008

Virginia Baptist Mission Board's FAITH UNDONE Part III

Dedicated to The 185th Annual Meeting of The Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV) - (SBC) & The Virginia Baptist Mission Board who not only featured the mystical emergent Tony Campolo but also the ecumenical Dr. David Coffey, President, Baptist World Alliance ( BWA ).

The late Robert Webber, like many emergent leaders, was trying to differentiate between Roman Catholicism and Catholicism (as a universal body). However, the Roman Catholic Church does not make this distinction because they claim an apostolic succession of papacy (popes) beginning with the apostle Peter.

Therefore all Catholicism is Roman Catholicism. Some in the emerging church do not show an attachment to the authority of the papacy but embrace the practices and early history of the Catholic Church.

See more on the emergent and mystical pinings of the Virginia Baptist Mission Board.

Listen to Pastor Bob DeWaay discuss Why Evangelicals are Returning to Rome on CrossTalk America.


  1. This website is a load of crap!

    This is what happens when uneducated individuals and rebellious individuals think they possess some greater knowledge than the men Jesus Christ has placed in authority. Learn to submit. And for those people who think Rick Warren or Willowcreek is off base, your wrong! If people are being saved and lives are being transformed, then Shut Up!!!!

  2. Rick Warren was right...the blogosphere can be uncivilized!


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