Friday, November 7, 2008

Virginia Baptist Mission Board Infested With Heresy

Apprising Ministries takes a virtual tour of heresy at the Baptist General Association of Virginia and it's Virginia Baptist Mission Board website...

But suppose like me you were intrigued by the Spiritual Needs button on the front page of the VBMB website so you click on it and then you notice Spiritual Guidance. Then you say: If I was a betting man I’d wager a search for “Richard Foster” will turn up favorable materials about him from this “Protestant” website. Sure enough under Resources for Christian Growth we find Foster’s Celebration of Discipline, which my friend Dr. Gary Gilley rightly called “an encyclopedia of theological error.”

And the Recommended Reading section features a number of questionable sources not the least of which are the late Spiritual Master and Roman Catholic monk M. Basil Pennington, Linda Graybeal (Richard Foster’s personal assistant), SBC minister and mystic Dallas Willard, Emergent Church theologian Leonard Sweet, quasi-New Age Christian Ken Blanchard, and Emerging Church pastor Dan Kimball. Then at the bottom of the page under “Emergent Culture Recommended Reading” we find a whole who’s who of the Emergent postliberal cult and its rebellion against God’s Word such as Rob Bell, Spencer Burke, Shane Claiborne, Alan Jones, Tony Jones, Brian McLaren, and Doug Pagitt.

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