Friday, June 6, 2008

Rise of Persia-Iran is Judgment to Babylon-USA

Rise of Persia-Iran is Judgment to Babylon-USA by Kato Mivule February 4th 2007

USA moving world towards World War III

Much of the news today is filled with the United States moving its war machinery to the Persian Gulf in its plan to engage Iran which it accuses of supporting rebel militias in Iraq.

However, the situation should warrant all serious Christians to watch and keep up with what is going on in the Middle East. The events in this region do not substantiate an expansion of the US Empire but otherwise its demise.

We are getting into a time that very severe alterations are coming as pertains to the current world lifestyles. The adjustments are going to be so severe that current world systems will fail and therefore need for new systems. It is in this light that the rebellious anti God and antichrist systems are going to be ushered in....

Editor's note: The opinions expressed by Mivule are not necessarily shared by this blog. However the political picture Mivule painted over a year ago seems to be taking form in headlines such as:

Israel Attack on Iran 'unavoidable' , Bush, Olmert Stand United Against Iranian Nuclear Weapons , Ahmadinejad - Israel To Vanish , Growing talk of Iran attack , Olmert: Iran's quest for nuclear capacity must be stopped “by all possible means” , All Eyes On Israel & Iran , Israeli warning over nuclear Iran

See current event analysis that corroborates Mivule's systems perspective here.

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