Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Warren Promotes PEACE Plan & Politics

Rick Warren throws his weight behind ONE VOTE which is an advocacy group of "Americans of all beliefs and every walk of life - united as ONE - to help make poverty history. We are a campaign of over 2.4 million people and growing from all 50 states and over 100 of America's most well-known and respected non-profit, advocacy and humanitarian organizations. "

Editor's note: Do you see the trend? Rick Warren's statements from the World Economic Forum and this video have a recurring theme:

Global Crisis Requires Global Spiritual Unity for Global Good.

Rick Warren over the last few years has painted a picture that Fundamentalist Christians are responsible for causing division, don't listen and must be dealt with by removal. If Rick Warren promotes kicking people out of church who resist his theology and marketing program, can you imagine what he would recommend to the United Nations and the global elite for dealing with the same Fundamentalist Christians who resist ecumenical compromise?

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