Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How To Defend Your Personal Church Growth Vision

From Christian Research Network:

Rick Warren twists the Book of Nehemiah to coach his network of PDL pastors in this CP article How to Handle Opposition by Rick Warren Christian Post Guest Columnist

You can’t have opportunity without opposition. One of the great tests of leadership is how you handle opposition. Do you panic under pressure? Do you get uptight, lose your temper, blow up, become discouraged, or give up? Part of the job description of leadership is dealing with people who oppose you and your vision for the church.

To find out how to handle opposition, we’re going to look at Nehemiah 4. You probably remember the story. Nehemiah had returned to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall around the city – a very big project for his team of Jewish exiles! And it didn’t take long for Nehemiah to start getting opposition. People were ridiculing him and his vision.

Rick Warren conveniently did not discuss the real playbook he promotes on how to handle opposition, Transitioning: Leading Your Church through Change, by Dan Southerland.
The book, highly recommended by Rick Warren, calls those who oppose the Purpose Driven philosophy “leaders from hell.” Southerland is “the leading expert on implementing the Purpose Driven paradigm in existing churches”.

Pastor and author Bob DeWaay exposes the distortion employed by Rick Warren regarding biblical vision and commercial vision casting.

Read more about Bible believing Christians who oppose the personal ambition vision of PDL pastors in these posts: Warren: Protect The Unity, Throw Out The Resisters, Rick Warren’s Inquisition, SBC President Not Interested In the Victims of Purpose Driven.

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